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Free Next Day Delivery

    5 Year Warranty

    We want these pieces to be your forever pieces of the ocean. This is why all our pieces are protected under a 5-year warranty!

    What is covered

    We offer replating and repairing services for all of our pieces free of charge within the UK and the Maldives, within the warranty period. This includes the shipping costs too! For everywhere else, these services are free of charge within the warranty period, except for the costs of shipping. The policy does not cover lost items.

    Claiming the warranty

    Please contact our friendly team to intiate the warranty claim.  For the claim, a legitimate  proof of purchase is required. This can include an invoice or a confirmation email. 

    Beyond the 5 year period

    Beyond the warranty period, we can still offer the repair and replating services for a small charge. Kindly send us a message to get a quotation for the required service. Upon the repair,  you pieces will be eligible for another 5 years of warranty!


    These are your forever pieces of the ocean!

    Free delivery

    5 year Warranty

    Satisfaction Guaranteed