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    Only the most sustainable and highest quaity materials are ever used!

    100% Recycled 

    We only use 100% recycled gold and silver to craft our pieces. No fresh metals are ever mined, which reduces the carbon footprint of our pieces significantly!

    Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver

    We use either sterling silver or argentium silver for our silver pieces. The type of silver that is used for each piece will be mentioned in the respective product descriptions

    Gold Vermeil (Ver-may)

    Vermeil is a legally regulated jewellery standard. It refers to 925 sterling silver that is expertly coated with at least  2.5 microns thick genuine gold.

    Due to the thickness, vermeil gold lasts a lot longer than standard gold plated jewellery. It can stand the test of time if cared for well. Check out our care guide for some tips. Vermeil  is the best alternative to pure gold at the best price.


    We only use gems that are sourced ethically. This means every one is compensated fairly while minimising the impact on the environment.

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