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    Jewellery Care Guide

    Some tips and tricks to keep your pieces looking new.

    Wearing Tips

    Avoid wearing Redhan Jewellery pieces when swimming, exercising, bathing, washing hands or to bed. Keep away from strong extreme temperatures, sunlight and strong chemicals like perfumes and lotions.

    Extreme sunlight can also cause natural gemstones like larimar and quartz to fade in colour and become paler and enhance metal tarnishing processes.

    Cleaning Tips

    Use a soft polishing cloth to clean the jewellery pieces. Please avoid using cloth or tissue as it can scratch the pieces. We also advice against the use of chemical cleaners.

    Storage Tips

     All our pieces come with a cotton pouch which can be used for storage. Ensure that the chains are fastened and are stored individually to prevent scratching and tangling.

    Oxidation can promote tarnishing processes. To prolong the beauty of the pieces, make sure they are sealed properly during storage to keep the air out. Alternatively, you can also use dessicant crystals.


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