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    Sustainability is at the core of everything we do

    Every piece is handcrafted sustainably and ethically to accentuate and empower.

    What does sustainability mean to us?

    Sustainability is at the heart of every decision and design. We recongnise our responsibility to everyone involved and every piece of jewelley that we create. We strive to get you jewellery that gives back more than they take. 

    No freshly mined materials used

    Mining new materials require much more energy than recycling precious metals that are already in circulation. Metals never degrade in quality when recycled.

    100% plastic-free & recyclable

    We have created packaging that not only looks good, but does it only with organic materials. From organic cotton pouches that hold the jewellery to the paper boxes and silk ribbons and everything in between, no plastic is ever used.

    Carbon compensation & reversal

    We plant a tree for every product sold through our reforestation partner OneTreePlanted. While we do everything possible to avoid and minimise emission there will still be an inevitable carbon footprint for every product sold. As the tree grows it will keep on absorbing carbon for generations to come.

    Manufactured ethically

    We work with Fairtrade and Fairmined certified jewellers in the UK to ensure that everyone that has worked on the jewellery has been compensated fairly. The care and attention that goes into handcrafting the products is felt through every piece.

    Pictured here is inside our jeweller's workshop.

    Sourcing Material

    We work closely with our Farimined and Fairtrade certified suppliers to ensure that alll gold and silver used are 100% tracable and any gems used have been sourced ethically.

    Giving back to mother Earth

    The planet is at a crucial stage where it needs the support of each and everyone of us. We are a proud memember of 1% for the Planet in order to contribute towards solving the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

    Looking into the future

    Although we are only starting, we aim to be fully accountable to all our actions and products.  We are taking all the steps nessasry to ensure that when we do meaure our actual impact on the planet, it turns out to be a postive one that we can all be proud of.

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